On this chapter you will find an overview about our standard software products in short form.


The first range treats expert systems within the range warehouse management, foreign trade and different portal solutions (supply chain management).


Within the second range you will find SAP® R/3®-integrated products of the ranges of foreign trade and dispatch/export.


The third range concerns the Software itself with the law obligations of companies in accordance to the Compliance management. You can find SAP® R/3®-integrated products and free expert systems also.


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Textfeld: AXSYS supply chain management
Textfeld: AXSYS 
SAP® R/3® -integrated Products
Textfeld: AXSYS 
Textfeld: ASS
Foreign trade
Textfeld: ASS
Warehouse management
Textfeld: ASS
▪ Suppliers
▪ Customers 
▪ management engeneering and construction work
Textfeld: Textfeld: Optimization of fright costs
Textfeld: Accreditiv management
Textfeld: Preferenz calculation
Textfeld: SALICO
Textfeld: Textfeld: Textfeld: SALICO 
Textfeld: ASS
Optimization of fright costs